A minimal app for Scriptogram.


Postie currently has 2 different themes for the app, Dark and Light. They are both beautifully simple, but the Dark theme can be useful when you are writing at night time.


Postie supports the Notification Center, to give you information on your post status. For example it will show if it successful, or if it didn't work, it will show the reason why.


Using Postie to post to your Scriptogram is very easy, there's no Dropbox syncing, or anything to remember.
All you need is your Scriptogram ID, which is in the settings on
Then just press Command + P to post!


Postie also supports Fullscreen, to maximise the typing area and also to get rid of all the unwanted distractions.
You can toggle Fullscreen, by the arrows in the top-right corner, by pressing Command + F, or by going to File -> Fullscreen.

File Saving

Postie also features some basic file-saving options, if you aren't ready to post just yet.
If you just type a filename in the text box at the top of the screen, you can then open or save a file of that name.
That filename is also the name used when you post to Scriptogram.


If you have trouble with Postie, and want to get in touch with us, just email me at with the subject of "Postie Support" and I will get back to you ASAP.